Following the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York RTÉ News visits Pakistan to learn more about the teaching of the Islamic faith there.

The Taliban have warned that they will issue a jihad or holy war on America should it launch attacks on Afghanistan. Reporter Tony Connelly visits a mosque in Peshawar in north west Pakistan to try and understand where the idea of jihad fits into the Islamic faith. At the madrasa school adjoining the mosque children are introduced to the Koran between that ages of three to seven. Many of these madrasa schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan have become the spiritual bedrock upon which the Taliban draws manpower and endorsement.

Tahir Dar a former pupil and Zia Ur Rehman Head Teacher at the school tell Tony Connelly that there is no place in Islam for terrorism or the attacks in America. They also say the Koran endorses any defence against any attack by America across the border on Afghanistan  

An RTÉ News report by Tony Connelly broadcast on 23rd September 2001.