Minister for Transport, Energy and Communications Michael Lowry resigns following payments controversy.

Fine Gael TD Michael Lowry resigned from cabinet following a meeting with the Taoiseach John Bruton to discuss the payment of £208,000 by Dunnes Stores for renovation work on the minister's home in County Tipperary.

In a statement issued to the media, Michael Lowry said his decision to resign was his and his alone. On the subject of the payment from Dunnes Stores, the statement said,

There was no impropriety on my part in respect of any payment for the work carried out.

He further commented,

Neither I or my company have done nothing improper or illegal.

Michael Lowry said that he felt that were he to remain on in office, it would in some way damage the government.

The Taoiseach John Bruton said he accepted the minister's resignation with regret. However, opposition party members say that questions on the affair remain unanswered.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 November 1996. The reporter is Charlie Bird.