Encouraging their students to have a vision of the world and to think big.

The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits as they are more commonly known, were founded by St Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. Known worldwide for their missionary and charitable works, they have also been involved in education and academia since that time. The first Jesuit school in Limerick was set up in 1565.

Many Jesuits in Ireland today are based in disadvantaged urban areas, but most people here know them from their involvement in private secondary schools such as Clongowes Wood College, Belvedere and Gonzaga.

Fr John Humphries SJ points out that the order is attempting to remove finance as an obstacle to education, as

We would like to educate everybody.

Crescent Comprehensive College in Limerick is one such school that is non-fee-paying. And despite the fact that the Jesuit teaching staff there are in the minority, Fr Dermot Murray SJ believes a Jesuit education provides young people with something different, which he describes as combing a life of faith with

A world vision which gets them to think big.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 September 1990. The reporter is Michael Lally.