A look at the work that goes on behind the camera to bring pictures to television screens.

In 1965 the ‘Discovery’ series took a look behind the scenes at Telefís Éireann.

Who chooses the programmes we see on television?
What goes on in the studio?
How do you show films that we see at the cinema?
Why can’t they make a programme where I live?
What do all the people do?
How do you get the news so quickly all over the world? 

These are just some of the questions often asked of television makers.

This excerpt shows the props room, the newsroom and the technology required to transmit the sound and images.

In this building, four hundred people work and create work for hundreds more outside.

We also get a glimpse at the machinery and technology required to run a television station. 

The audio and visual signals run through sixty miles of wiring and cabling in just one building.

Small lights wink and flicker telling a story of sound which is silent and vision which is unseen travelling on its long journey.

This episode of Discovery was broadcast on 2 April 1965. The narrator is Brian Cleeve.