The results are out and the wait is over for the 57,000 students who sat their Junior Certificate examinations.

It is at midday when students in Wilson’s Hospital in Westmeath are handed the envelopes which contain their Junior Certificate results, with the majority happy with how they had done. 

Grades awarded nationally for science are up, but failure rates in modern languages and maths remain a problem. 

There was joy too in Jobstown Community College, with plans already made for celebrations tonight. Career Guidance teacher Fiona D’Arcy explains the significance of today’s results for these young people and their families,

For some of them, they’re the first person in their family to be in a second-level education.

Laura Ward is one teenager who is the first in her family to make it this far, which makes her mother Christine all the more proud,

I just started work when I was 14, I never actually went on further...I would have loved to actually do something like this.

Laura  and Christine Ward (2004)
Laura  and Christine Ward (2004)

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 September 2004. The reporter is Emma O’Kelly.