A visit to the historic port town of New Ross the ancestral home of President John F Kennedy in County Wexford.

PP O'Reilly presents a history of the Wexford town of New Ross perched on the River Barrow. 

It's as old a town as you'll find in Ireland.

At the New Ross Town Hall, a commemorative plaque pins the foundation of the town to the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. 

New Ross was originally the headquarters for a shipping line which carried Irish emigrants to America. One such emigrant was Patrick Kennedy, great grandfather of American President John F Kennedy. 

PP O'Reilly meets Mr McBride who shows him shipping papers detailing the passage of emigrants to North America. The documents also outline the rules and duties for passengers on board the emigrant ships.

All gambling, fighting, riotous or quarrelsome behaviour swearing and violent language to be at once put a stop to. Swords and other offensive weapons as soon as the passengers embark to be placed in the custody of the master.

It is believed that there were five ships in the port of New Ross available for travel around the time of the Irish famine including the Lady Bagot, the Dunbrody, and the India, each carrying a crew of about twelve and over a hundred passengers. The ships set sail for places like Quebec, New York, and Boston.

This programme was broadcast just days before President John F Kennedy came to Ireland on a four-day visit. 

This episode of 'Broadsheet' was broadcast on 21 June 1963. The reporter is PP O'Reilly.