Anger at inaction over poor road conditions has made potholes a major election issue in Cavan.

The damage caused by potholed roads to vehicles and the impact on tourism, business and farming has seen four candidates standing in the next election on the roads issue alone. John Wilson from the Cavan Roads Action Committee says,

It is unrealistic to expect people to develop in tourism, to develop in business and in industry and it is making it very difficult for the farming community. Something has to be done.

Although every political party has given an opinion on the state of Cavan roads prior to the election Cavan County Council says the big issue is money. Currently, the council is undertaking the biggest road improvement works scheme ever but county manager Brian Johnson says that they would require £8 million annually to complete the job in a short few years. A 'pothole blitz' promised by Minister for the Environment Padraig Flynn does not include any extra finance for Cavan. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast 12 June 1991. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.