On 5 May 1981 Bobby Sands died in the Maze Prison after 66 days on hunger strike. Two days later he was laid to rest at Milltown cemetery in West Belfast.

'Today Tonight' reports on the funeral and reactions to the death of Bobby Sands among the nationalist population and press.

The funeral procession travelled four miles from Twinbrook Parish Church, along Andersonstown, through Lower Lenadoon, along the Falls Road to his final resting place at Milltown Cemetery. West Belfast came to a standstill as thousands turned out to show their support for the hunger strikers and respect for the late Bobby Sands. Many of those that turned out see Booby Sands as a martyr to the republican cause.

One of the biggest political funerals in the history of Ireland.

The coffin draped by a tricolour was carried by six masked men wearing combat jackets and black berets before being lowered into the grave.

A report for ‘Today Tonight’ by Forbes McFall