Funding and acquisition of modern art were the subject of Sir Basil Goulding's criticisms of the Dublin Municipal Gallery of Modern Art.

In 1965 an exhibition organised by the Irish Contemporary Arts Society was held at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery on Parnell Square in Dublin.

Chairman of the Irish Contemporary Arts Society, Sir Basil Goulding talks about the exhibition and Irish art. In his criticism of the gallery of modern art Sir Basil described it as 

a magnificent, magniloquent motor car without any engine under its bonnet.

Sir Basil felt that the gallery had no quantity of modern art to talk about until they were presented to the gallery. The problem lies in the fact that the gallery has no funds designated to it for the acquisition of modern art. 

It is hoped that the new exhibition of contemporary art will build an awareness and affection of modern art by both international and Irish artists.

Mr. Roland Penrose, a trustee of the Tate Gallery in London, discusses "sham" art, what is new in the world of art, and the funding that is available to the Tate Gallery directly from the treasury. On how Irish art stands up alongside the international work on display he comments,.

Contemporary art is rather a new language to people.

A Newsbeat report broadcast on 5 July 1965. The reporter is John O'Donovan.