Robert Kee appeared on 'The Late Late Show' in November 1980 to talk about a new 13 part television series 'Ireland A Television History' which he wrote and presented.

In this extract from that interview Robert Kee talks to Gay Byrne about the complexities of Irish history.

'Ireland A Television History' was broadcast on RTÉ and BBC at the same time in 1980/81. In an article for the RTÉ Guide, Kee was asked is the series aimed at a British audience? He replied, "No it's aimed at those (mainly in Britain) who are less familiar with the subject than they ought to be; and at those (in Ireland, North and South) who think they know but don't".

The broadcaster and historian Robert Kee died on Friday 11 January 2013. Of the many tributes paid to Robert Kee over the last few days Fergal Keane's comment that he he was, "the most fair minded UK observer of Ireland that ever lived" was perhaps the most fitting.

This interview is taken from 'The Late Late Show' broadcast on 22 November 1980.