Prime Time - Tuesday 15 April 2014 - click here

Who is being allowed to teach secondary school children about sex, sexuality and personal relationships? We hear how groups with strong conservative or liberal beliefs are being allowed into schools to lecture students without parents' permission or having been vetted by the Department of Education.

Prime Time reports on the ...

James Reilly says Universal Health Insurance will be introduced but what will it give those who already have cover and what will it cost those who, at present, don't? The Minister debates this revolutionary healthcare plan with Fianna Fáil.

Prime Time - Monday 14 April 2014 - click here

15 Apr The Minister for Health James Reilly debates the revolutionary healthcare plan for Universal Health Insurance with Fianna Fáil. Is there any way that some form of very real war in Ukraine can be avoided?

With the two central characters, Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery, absent from today's Public Accounts hearing on Rehab, we look at the latest financial revelations and ask what will happen now.

Prime Time - Thursday 10 April 2014 - click here

11 Apr Prime Time looks at the latest financial revelations of Rehab at the PAC and ask what will happen now As Bank of Ireland takes a hard on debt writedowns, how many family homes face repossession? And the ethics of selling high-risk financial products

House prices are on the rise but should we be delighted about the recovery or terrified about another possible bubble?

Prime Time - Tuesday 08 April 2014 - click here

09 Apr House prices are on the rise but is this recovery or another possible bubble? The broken-hearted parents of a young man brutally murdered just outside Carrickmacross. The wider significance of the President's State Visit to the UK for us all.