Don't miss episode five of the competition this Sunday night.

In episode 4 of Celebrity MasterChef Ireland, following a tough Restaurant Service, Conor’s dessert failed to make him worthy of a place in the semi-final and he was asked to leave the MasterChef kitchen.

Through to the penultimate episode of Celebrity MasterChef Ireland is RTÉ Newscaster, Aengus Mac Grianna; Model and columnist Yvonne Keating; Olympic athlete David Gillick, and writer and producer Maia Dunphy

In tonight’s semi-final, the four cooks will be given their most important challenge to date when they are asked to cook one dish, a show stopper, that will wow Dylan and Nick and make them worthy of a place in the final.

The cook that fails to impress Nick and Dylan will lose their apron and leave the MasterChef kitchen, as the remaining three will go forward to the Celebrity MasterChef Ireland final.

The following morning the finalists will leave Dublin for Dubai. Upon landing they will face their first task of the final, to cook a three course fine dining meal for some of the most celebrated chefs in Dubai , including Gary Rhodes.

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