Oh goodness gracious me...

Rich Chocolate Cake: Pre-Lent Treat!

Whether you're planning to give up sweets for Lent (starting this Wednesday), you've a special event on over the weekend or are gearing up for Valentine's Day this moist, rich, flourless cake is perfect. Don't take our word for it...just look at the pic below!

Have you tried them yet? Be in with a chance to win a €200 Supervalu voucher and buy them plus a week or two of shopping!

Chance to win €200 Supervalu voucher

What a nice start to the week - the chance to have your food shopping paid for and maybe even get the jump on Pancake Tuesday plus some Easter Eggs thrown in!

Dinner, lunch, kids school lunchboxes - you name it and this broth ticks all the meal boxes

Root Vegetable, Chicken, Orzo Broth: Neven Maguire

You won't have to shout twice to bring the crew to the table for this one. Broth is a universal staple across the world and in his new RTÉ One series Healthy Home Chef, Neven Maguire shows us his low-fat, tasty version of the classic chicken broth.

Butter Bean & Bacon Soup: Neven Maguire

Butter Bean & Bacon Soup: Neven Maguire

This soup might sound like an unusual combination of ingredients, but it has a lovely spicy kick that complements the sweetness of the carrots. The addition of a small amount of bacon goes a long way in the flavour stakes and blitzing the butter beans gives a fantastic velvety finish.

Traditional Pancakes - the original and the best

One week 'til Pancake Tuesday: Traditional Pancake

A simple recipe to make delicious traditional pancakes. This is one of those basic go-to recipes that everyone should have to learn in school and bring with them right throughout life. It's a bread-and-butter staple that you can literally add anything to.

You wanna just reach out and grab it...

Chicken, Sweet Corn & Chili Salad: Op Tran Recipe

When you're choosing the salad option, you need something with a little bite to keep you satisfied for more than an hour or so and this Operation Transformation recipe does just that thanks to the chicken and avocado.

Terry Wogan described his family as foodies and loved his wife's cooking above everyone else's

Terry Wogan was also a foodie at heart

Terry Wogan customarily described himself as a "foodie" and fantasising about his last meal, he wished for "my wife's duck in a bordelaise sauce, with her beautifully roasted potatoes."

You don't mind choosing the healthy option when it looks this good

Tex Mex Chicken and Noodles: Op Trans

Now this is what you want to look forward to - especially when you're watching what you eat and need a little boost after a lot of sacrifice...get chopping.