You wanna just reach out and grab it...

Simple Sunday Salad - The OP Trans way

When you're choosing the salad option, you need something with a little bite to keep you satisfied for more than an hour or so. This Chicken, Sweet Corn & Chili Salad from Operation Transformation does just that thanks to the chicken and avocado.

The Final Episode of Saturday Night with Miriam.

Saturday Night with Miriam

The final episode in the current series of Saturday Night with Miriam airs this weekend on RTÉ One at 9.50pm.

What to bring for the wee ones

Electric Picnic: What to Pack? #Families

There is something about having Electric Picnic to look forward at the end of the summer that makes the whole Back to School/Norm Routine a lot less scary! OOhh except that you still have to pack!

We're all about men's grooming this week on The Friday Find

The Friday Find: Mad About The Boys!

This week we are all about men's grooming as I get up close with Irish barbers James and Sam Donnelly of Pomp and Co. to find out how and why they do what they do.

Cook, Author & Farmer, Imen McDonnell

Meet the Foodies...Imen McDonnell

Each week on RTÉ LifeStyle and Food, we meet one of the hundred's of hard-working Irish food bloggers, cooks and lovers to see how they do what they do, so well. This week meet Cook, Author and Farmer Imen McDonnell!

A healthy and tasty breakfast

Soaked Quinoa Flakes with Almond Milk & Berries

Quinoa used to be a word I couldn't even pronounce, let alone cook but now it's everywhere! You can only imagine my excitement to hear that there's also a flake version - perfect as a protein-filled alternative to oats.

Davy: Doc on One on Saturday, August 27 on RTÉ Radio 1 at 1pm

Do You Know the Real Davy Fitz?

People think they know Davy Fitzgerald because of what they see during the game, but what about before and after? This documentary had unique access to follow Clare's 2016 hurling year and experience it through Davy's eyes.

The Yoga Bear's workshop helped to raise money for charity

Yoga to Open the Heart

In the run up to Breast Cancer Ireland's Great Pink Run, The Yoga Bear hosted a workshop in aid of the charity. Expert in all things Yoga, she explains the series of poses that featured in the workshop.

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