Christian Puglisi, JP McMahon, Matt Orlando and Sasu Laukkonen all heading to the Boyne Valley

A tasty tour of the Boyne Valley

Following the success of last year, the Boyne Valley Food Series is coming back for the third time, running until October 30, with diverse food events and activities across the Boyne Valley region.

Beyoncé rockin' yellow for one of the vids from her new album, Lemonade

The Friday Find: Say Yes to Yellow

With the recent launch of Beyoncé's  new album Lemonade and Solange's Met Gala dress choice, the Knowles sisters have issued a major fashion memo that yellow is THE hot colour for Summer 2016.

Here's an idea for lunch or a light dinner

Spring Mimosa Salad: Rory O'Connell

"I make this salad all year round, varying the salad content according to the seasons and availability but I like it best of all in spring" says Rory.

Rice to accompany your main dish

Perfect Plain Boiled Rice: Rory O'Connell's Tips

This is the sort of simple rice dish you will want to serve with some dishes when the rice is not intended to compete with the main dish but to accompany it as a nourishing and delicious starch. The object of the exercise is light fluffy separate grains of rice.

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