Talks between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party will continue tomorrow morning, as they seek to sign off on the draft agreement on a programme for government.

In no particular order, here are some of the things that are included in the document that is expected to be agreed between the three parties: 

€1 million per day throughout the lifetime of the government will be spent on walking and cycling infrastructure.

There will be grants for electric bikes.

The Government will make contraception free.

The HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) system will be reduced, and replaced with low-cost housing.

Security for rental tenants will be increased, while longer lease periods for rental properties will be introduced.

There will also be increased protection for rental deposits.

The moratorium on evictions brought in during the Covid-19 crisis will be extended.

The strategic housing development approach will not be extended beyond its current end date in 18 months time.

There will be a new policy of "use it or lose it" for planning permissions for developers.

There will be a Citizens Assembly to examine issues around the criminalisation of drugs.

There will be broader acceptability for medicinal cannabis.

The Direct Provision system for asylum seekers will be abolished. This will include the speeding up of the time for decisions to be made, more humane housing provision for families, and a change in the system away from the provision of housing for asylum seekers by the private sector.

There will be more powers for local government.

There will be a new "Environment Court" along the lines for the Commercial Court to speed up decisions and focus on cases involving significant environmental considerations.

The document expected to be agreed between the three parties engaged in Government formation talks includes a commitment to five new referendums throughout the course of the Government.

These include a referendum on:

  • The right to housing
  • The position of women in the home
  • To extend the right to vote in presidential elections to all citizens including those living abroad.
  • Environmental protection
  • The right to water.

The first three of these were recommended as a result of citizens assemblies and will go straight to a referendum.

The last two will go through Oireachtas committees first before moving to the next stage.

There will be a ban on the importation of all fracked gas, not just that planned for the Shannon LNG project.

No specific road project is mentioned in the agreed document.

There is an acceptance that many of the gains and efficiencies in healthcare operation, introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be kept - including the ability for GP consultations by video and for GPs to be able to email prescriptions to pharmacies.

There will also be a commitment to try to continue to avail of private hospital capacity and bed space to alleviate pressures on the public hospital system.

The infection control measures that have been introduced into hospital practices aimed at lowering the transmission of infections are to be kept with a view to lowering the incidence of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA and also to reduce the transmission of influenza.