Sean Canney's future in the Independent Alliance remains in question tonight as he is said to be considering his options.

Any resignation from the Alliance would be seen as hugely damaging to the group that supports the Government.

A meeting of the Alliance that includes Minister for Transport Shane Ross and Ministers of State Finian McGrath, John Halligan and Kevin Boxer Moran, set to take place tomorrow has now been postponed until Thursday.

Mr Canney's has not commented publicly since the Alliance decided last week that Kevin 'Boxer' Moran would remain as a Junior Minister for the remainder of this Government.

It is understood that Mr Canney believed this was at odds with what was agreed in 2016, when the Government was formed.

At the time, himself and Mr Moran tossed a coin to decide which of them would become the Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works (OPW).

After winning the toss, Mr Canney took on the role for the first year of the Government and was replaced by Mr Moran a year later.

However, with the Government set to enter its third year in office, the Galway East TD thought the job should rotate again.

Sources close to Mr Canney said he will speak when he is ready; however he is likely to come under intense pressure to clarify his position tomorrow.

It is believed there was some contact between some members of the Independent Alliance and Mr Canney over the weekend, but his colleagues are not clear about what he plans to do next.

Should he decide to leave the Alliance he would lose his job as Assistant Government Whip, which pays an allowance of close to €15,000 a year.

Mr Canney is one of 57 TDs who have pledged support for the minority Government since it was formed.

Government sources expect Mr Canney to continue giving that support notwithstanding the current uncertainty in the Independent Alliance about Mr Canney's intentions.

It is also understood that there was some communication between the Taoiseach's office and Mr Canney last week.

One source described Mr Canney as "appeased" if not entirely happy after this communication.

There will be much focus now on how Mr Canney votes this week in the Dáil on the legislation that would see those found guilty of a drink driving offence automatically disqualified.

He has consistently opposed the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017 which has been politically driven by his Alliance colleague, Mr Ross.