A look back at US President Donald Trump's first year on the anniversary of his election win.

Twelve months of Trump brought big protests, big policy change and "bigly" moments.

There were threats of "fire and fury" to North Korea, missile strikes on the Syrian regime and constant fire-fighting of a Russian cloud.

America's climate change stance was reversed, but efforts to undo Obamacare stalled.

Trump focused on "America first" and shutting down mainstream media with "fake news" charges.

We saw fierce handshakes and LOUD tweets.

As well as politics and policies, there were people: Campaign-style rallies for a happy base, but devastated dreamers, banned refugees and travel chaos for many from mainly Muslim countries.

And in one short year, there were comings and goings aplenty: James Comey; Michael Flynn; Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon.

Anthony 'front-stabber' Scaramucci lasted ten memorable days and, last but not least, Sean Spicer's turbulent tenure came to an abrupt end. Period.

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