Cyclists in Cork hoping to make their way to work, school or to the city centre can now do so with the help of the city's first cycle map

Published for Cork's Bike Week 2019, the map - aimed at both locals and visitors - features the best cycling routes in the city centre and surrounding suburbs.

The brainchild of the Transport & Mobility Forum (TMF) and the Cork Cycling Campaign, the routes were suggested by regular cyclists based on segregation, quality and connectedness.

TMF co-ordinator Sandy McGroarty said "cycling around Cork can be made more enjoyable by using the routes suggested on the map which are often safer, quieter and quicker than other routes".

Supported by Cork City Council and Healthy Ireland, the maps will be updated as cycling infrastructure improves and are available free at locations across the city and online at

Over 100 events are taking place across the city to mark Bike Week 2019 which began on 22 June and runs until 30 June.