A new study looking at the psychological impact of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns is under way at Dundalk IT.

The study is being led by University College London and is being carried out in 23 countries, including Ireland, the UK, Australia, USA, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and Norway.

Researchers say there is no research on how lockdown during a pandemic, involving restrictions to freedom of movement, is perceived by the general population.

They also want to hear how frontline healthcare workers were affected during the pandemic.

The online study will look at psychological well-being, resilience, coping, and the experience of trauma. It will run until 15 March.

A report is expected late this year.

The study is open to people who have experienced a lockdown or to key workers during the pandemic.

Aine McHugh and Dr Kevin Mc Kenna from DKIT's Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Early Years and are leading the Irish study.