The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and the GAA have urged anyone buying hurling helmets to make sure they are up to standard and provide the protection required.

This comes after both bodies were made aware of poorer quality helmets being sold online which may leave users vulnerable to injury.

Speaking at Croke Park this morning, Chair of the GAA's Hurling and Camogie Helmet Safety Working Group Jim Bolger said it is all about keeping players safe.

"We want to emphasise the importance of buying compliant helmets from reputable sources. Protection of players is of paramount importance to the GAA, in particular for children and juveniles when bone structure is not fully developed so damage and harm can be greater."

A member of the CCPC said helmets should have the CE mark attached to them.

Pat Kenny said: "It was brought to our attention that there are helmets for sale in online market places that don't seem to meet the normal standards, in our case the European standard's for Personal Protective Equipment.

"We would always urge people buy from EU websites and when purchasing make sure the helmet has the the proper CE mark, the mark that confirms to you the helmet has been tested and meets the European standards for PPE.

"If a helmet is delivered and is not assembled, or if it has rough edges or screws protruding then you should have a real concern it's not meeting the standards."