A NASA astronaut has captured a night time image of Dublin taken from orbit on the International Space Station.

Shane Kimbrough, who is from Texas, is part of the Expedition 65 crew. The crew began its mission in April and is due to complete it later this month.

In a post on Twitter, Mr Kimbrough shared the image of Dublin saying that he looked forward to visiting Ireland next year.

"One of my favourite cities – Dublin, Ireland! Look forward to seeing all of my friends there next year. Slàinte!"

He has previously tweeted other images of locations during his space travels including Guernsey, the Suez Canal and Paris.

He is not the first astronaut to take pictures of Ireland from space.

In 2013 former astronaut Chris Hadfield shared on social media pictures of Ireland while aboard the International Space Station, posting one of his messages with a cupla focal.

'Tá Éire fiorálainn! Land of green hills and dark beer. With capital Dublin glowing in the Irish night,' he wrote.

He also tweeted pictures of a number of other locations around Ireland including Dingle in Co Kerry, Ballina in Co Mayo, Co Sligo as well as night time shots of Dublin and Belfast.

Ballina, Co Mayo pictured by Chris Hadfield
Thunder Rock, Dingle, Co Kerry