A 10-year-old schoolboy from Co Cavan is looking forward to a busy summer - rearing the calves he bought with his winnings from a credit union draw.

William Woods, from Ballyconnell, Co Cavan, won €1,000 in the Ballyconnell Credit Union draw at Christmas.

He decided to spend his winnings on six calves, as cows are his favourite animal.

"I'm proud of myself for buying them," he said. "I thought, 'what should I do with the money, should I save for college or for calves?' I saved for calves and I’ll rear these and sell them and make a profit."

William is looking forward to his summer looking after his small herd.

"I love checking them, make sure they’re eating, make sure they’re healthy, eating grass, all that stuff, If they’re not eating, they’ll get sick," he said.

"I thought it would be less work. I thought they would go in the field and I’d feed them meal and that would be it. I'm quite pleased now that it's hard work. It’s a new experience for me, I've never bought my own cattle before, it’s really fun to have this experience."

William believes that the calves have helped to take his mind off a "weird year".

"I missed my friends so much. Now the calves have sort of become my friends, I’ll laugh with them in the field, they’re funny," he said.

It’s perhaps no surprise that William wants to be a farmer like his dad when he grows up.

On his plans for the future, he said: "I will buy more next year. I'll rear these calves and sell them. Then whenever they’re sold, I'll have more that will be a year old. It’s all great fun."