Three out of four people on the island of Ireland are not contemplating a holiday abroad this year, a survey has suggested.

Even fewer are considering an overseas break in what remains of the summer, the research indicated, with 94% expressing a preference for a staycation.

The survey results come ahead of the Government's expected publication tomorrow of a 'green' list of countries deemed safe to travel to and from.

Only countries that have a coronavirus infection rate the same or lower than Ireland will be included on the list, with the UK and the US among the places set to miss out.

One key measure will be the number of new cases per 100,000 of the population over the past two weeks. In Ireland, that figure is 4.7.

The countries in Europe with a lower number include Norway, Finland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, and Latvia.

Places where the rates are far higher include not just Britain, but popular holiday destinations like Spain, France and Portugal.

The Government continues to advise against non-essential travel abroad.

There are no coronavirus restrictions on people travelling between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The online survey, which attracted more than 22,000 responses, was conducted by the Hastings Hotels group.

It found that 77% of people would not be taking a foreign holiday this year, regardless of further relaxations to official advice on non-essential travel.

There were 4,557 respondents from the Republic of Ireland and 17,748 from Northern Ireland.

Of those planning to holiday on the island of Ireland, 67% said they would be heading to a coastal area, 17% were looking for city breaks and 11% said they preferred a countryside location.

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The body representing the insurance industry in Ireland said would-be travellers should confirm coverage with their insurer before booking holidays.

In a statement, Insurance Ireland said: "Insurance Ireland would advise all would-be travellers planning on booking a holiday to a green list country to check with their insurer whether they are covered first.

"Government advice still remains that only essential travel should be undertaken and we await further clarity on any change to this position.

"A green list does not equate to a relaxation of the non-essential travel policy."