An anxious cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis patient is still waiting for follow-up tests to find out if she is in remission or not.

Aoife Rafter, 28, from Naas, Co Kildare, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and underwent a hysterectomy.

She completed her radiotherapy in January, but her follow-up checks have still not taken place.

Her outpatient clinic appointments were cancelled, postponed or converted to a 'virtual consultation' in the response to Covid-19.

However, it was announced today that CervicalCheck screenings will resume next month.

Ms Rafter said: "I attend seven clinics in three hospitals and there is no insight into when any of those are to be reopened.

"I had a phone consultation for my radiotherapy follow-up last week and I didn’t get any of my questions answered.

"I never found out if I was going to get a scan in the near future, I never found out if my bloods said I was menopausal or not.

"There were so many massive things that weren’t addressed because the results weren’t there to discuss it."

Until Ms Rafter undergoes the tests she needs, she says she will not know if she is in remission or not.

Ms Rafter has been cocooning for the last 15 weeks and although she says her own anxiety is "through the roof", she is worried for others who may by symptomatic or have had there treatment plans altered.

"People are anxious from the entire pandemic and then if they are symptomatic for a cancer, they’ve a worry they can’t get a screening and are worried the cancer is progressing inside them and they haven’t detected it. That’s overwhelming," she said.