Friends of Lyra McKee are calling for her legacy to be the introduction of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Talking to Marian Finucane, journalist Susan McKay emphasised that Ms McKee - shot dead during unrest in Derry last week - was a proud member and "great champion" of the LGBT community.

Ms McKay said that Fr Martin McGill - whose homily during Ms McKee's funeral service received a standing ovation - needs to address the issue.

"We all saw the dignity of Lyra's fiancé, Sara Canning, in the aftermath of her beloved's murder," said McKay. 

"That is something that I think Fr McGill and his church need to address. They are denying hope to people of Lyra's generation."

The Irish Times contributor admitted it is unlikely that the Catholic Church will change its view on homosexuality, but added she was hopeful.

"If there's going to be room for change in the politicians who are stuck in their trenches, then there has to be room for change within the churches - and in particular, the Catholic church," she reiterated. 

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