The Executive Complaints Committee of the BAI has rejected a complaint made against 'The Tonight Show' on Virgin Media One, in which it was alleged Irish language speakers were treated unfairly.

The complainant, Julian De Spáinn, alleged that a comment made by presenter Ivan Yates, describing people interested in the Irish language as "cultural terrorists", was unfair to Irish language speakers and to guest Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh.

However, the broadcaster responded that Mr Yates was playing "devil's advocate" to provoke debate on the topic, and said the comment was aimed at anyone with "absolute views" as opposed to being aimed at Irish language speakers.

The Executive Complaints Forum rejected the complaint, saying that although the term "cultural terrorists" may have offended some viewers, this was the presenter's usual style and regular viewers would have expected him to make controversial comments.

The forum also noted that the interviewees were given ample opportunity to convey their views and that, overall, the topic was dealt with in a manner which was fair, objective and impartial.

In all, four complaints relating to programmes on RTÉ and Virgin Media One were considered and rejected by the BAI Compliance committee at its October meeting.

These were 'A Wild Irish Year' on RTÉ One, the Pat Kenny Show Referendum Special and the Tonight Show on Virgin Media One.

The Executive Complaints Forum of the BAI considered and rejected 12 complaints in meetings held in September, October and November 2018.