Dozens of protesters have gathered outside Dublin's Custom House in the latest "yellow vest" protest in the city.

This is the fifth weekend such a protest has taken place in Dublin, sparked by similar demonstrations which started in France last year.

In a Facebook post, the group Yellow Vest Ireland listed a number of issues it i s calling for action on, including citizen-initiated referendums, the resignation of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, and an end to evictions.

France has seen weeks of nationwide anti-austerity demonstrations by the "gilets jaune" movement, including fresh marches today.

In London, protesters took part in an anti-austerity march to Trafalgar Square.

National organiser Ramona McCartney said the protest was an attempt to "take back the political space taken up by Brexit".

Ms McCartney said British protesters also wanted to show "solidarity with the left and working class in France by wearing the yellow vests today".

Addressing protesters in Trafalgar Square, Labour's John McDonnell said eight years of austerity was "tearing apart the very social fabric" of the country.

He told the crowd he expected MPs to defeat Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal at Tuesday's vote.

Mr McDonnell said that then, when "the time is right", his party would move a motion of no confidence to "bring this government down".

"It's now here before us, we could have a socialist prime minister," he said.