The Advertising Standards Authority has for the first time upheld a complaint about a social media blogger for misleading advertising.

The ASAI said it received a complaint that influencer Rosie Connolly's face had been filtered and photoshopped while advertising a make-up product.

The complainant argued that people who might purchase the same Rimmel foundation, could think they would achieve the same results.

Ms Connolly said that Rimmel had approved the images she had forwarded to them, and therefore the complaint should be addressed to them.

Rimmel said the post was not intended to be misleading and said they had removed it because it did not represent their values as a brand.

The ASAI said the complaint was upheld and it was the first time a complaint about an influencer/blogger has been upheld by the committee.

The details were released in the authority's latest complaints bulletin which contains 16 case reports on complaints recently investigated by the ASAI.

It said it considered that the use of post-production techniques "which exaggerated the effects of an advertised product could mislead" and while it welcomed the steps the advertisers had taken in removing the posts, the advertising "had been likely to mislead and was in breach of Section 4.1, 4.4 and 4.9 of the Code".

Commenting on the latest rulings, ASAI Chief Executive Orla Twomey said: "Over the past few years, we have spend considerable time highlighting awareness in relation to advertising best practice within this space to ensure all relevant parties are equipped with the knowledge and resources to correctly identify commercial marketing content across their platforms."