The Citizens' Assembly has said that it agreed with the Red C polling company that recruiters’ pay should be increased for last December’s search for replacement members of the forum.

It says they did this because of the lateness and the complexity of the exercise.

The Oireachtas’ consultative body has also revealed that two of the seven replacement members recruited irregularly to join it were from Dublin, three were from Cork, while there was one each from counties Wexford and Louth.

In response to a question from RTÉ News about bonus payments to Red C recruiters, the Citizens’ Assembly cited Red C’s information on pay increases on page 13 of its internal audit report on its failure to comply with agreed recruitment procedures.

Citizens' Assembly’s Chair, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy, has called "regrettable" the selection of seven replacement members by a recruiter using his or her family and friends to identify them.

She also criticised the recruiter’s practice of telephoning potential recruits instead of cold-calling them in their homes.

But today the assembly reiterated its view that "the management at RED C Research and Marketing Ltd have confirmed to the assembly that they are satisfied that this is an isolated incident".

This assurance was given after what Red C calls an extensive internal audit of its procedures since it began recruiting assembly members 18 months ago, before the forum began discussing the constitutional restrictions on abortion.

The assembly has also revealed that, while one recruiter selected seven members, a total of three other recruiters proposed six replacement members who were recruited in line with agreed procedures over the Christmas period in three other parts of the country.

A spokesperson for the Pro Life Campaign has said there is an issue of public confidence after issues emerged over the recruitment process for the assembly.

Speaking to RTÉ News, Cora Sherlock said there needs to be a thorough, transparent investigation into everything that went on at the assembly, including the recruitment process.

She said the information that has emerged has created a lot of questions.