A detailed study of the country's finances by the Troika has found that the strong momentum in the Irish economy is expected to continue but it warned that risks remain.

This is the eighth such review of the economy since Ireland exited the financial bailout programme in late 2013.

The Troika left Ireland more than four years ago.

But the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund still carry out checks here.

That is to ensure the country can pay back all the money loaned by the Troika in 2010.

This latest draft report, seen by RTÉ News, suggests the strong growth in the economy is expected to continue in the short term.

But it warned of risks particularly over the UK's exit from the EU.

It also identifies continued property price hikes as a risk.

It found that tax revenues increased at a healthy rate last year.

However, it says without extra revenue being found in the years ahead, then public sector wage increases could impact on the health service.

It also said that more should have been done in the last Budget to broaden the tax base.

The report is set to be published later this month.