Students at UCD are spending upwards of €50 to get home due to Dublin Bus services not stopping at the college over anti-social behaviour concerns, according to the university’s students’ union.

UCD is serviced by a number of major Dublin Bus routes, including the 11, 39a, 46a and 145.

However, there have been frequent disputes between students and the service provider over buses not stopping at the main college entrance.

A campaign is now under way by the students’ union seeking to reinstate regular services at the N11 stop.

SU President Barry Murphy said students face a wait of 40 minutes to an hour for a bus to stop after dark, if one stops at all.

Speaking to RTÉ News, he said that students who are on campus at night are finding themselves having to get taxis home, saying some students in areas such as Swords have to spend "upwards of €50" to get home.

He added that students who have disabilities and use a wheelchair may have to spend up to €80 to €100 to hire a wheelchair accessible taxi to get home.

"A short-term solution has been offered that students can just walk to the next bus stop, or previous bus stop," Mr Murphy said.

He said this is not an option for some students, who do not feel safe walking along an isolated route at night.

He added that the issue is also affecting local residents, who are being told that buses will not stop at Belfield when they board them.

In a statement to RTÉ, Dublin Bus said it was aware of "customer complaints regarding services" at bus stops at UCD on the N11.

It added: "A number of Dublin Bus services have been affected by anti-social behaviour issues which has resulted in some services not serving these stops.

"While we appreciate the inconvenience caused, the safety of our employees and customers is of paramount importance."

Mr Murphy disputes the claim of anti-social behaviour, saying that there was only one report of an "isolated incident" on a Dublin Bus service a number of months ago.

He also said that some buses are not even driving up the flyover for the UCD stop at present, while some are driving past, leading students to stand in the road in an attempt to flag them down.

"Some buses aren't coming up onto the flyover at all, they are continuing on the main road, and you have others then who are coming up on the flyover and as soon as they see one person at the bus stop they keep going.

"It is becoming a safety hazard now where you have students nearly standing out on the road in order to flag down a bus, just out of pure frustration."

He said the students' union is working with UCD Estates services on this, adding that they have been told that Dublin Bus management cannot make their drivers stop and it is up to UCD to appease the drivers and make them stop.

He also said the National Transport Authority has a responsibility to ensure drivers stop at all the stops on their route.

The NTA has said it was aware of the issue and said it was not at drivers’ discretion as to which stops they serve.

Mr Murphy said there were two security guards at each of the two main UCD bus stops after dark "to appease Dublin Bus drivers".

"One thing we want drivers to know is that UCD is a safe stop to stop at, the security is there and it will continue to be there for the foreseeable future," he said.

"I understand an isolated incident in the past may have upset bus drivers, but we are long past that and it is time they give it another try."