A 22-year-old has gone on trial accused of murdering 18-year-old student Cameron Reilly in Co Louth more than four years ago.

Aaron Connolly of Willistown, Drumcar, Co Louth, has pleaded not guilty to the murder at Shamrock Hill, Dunleer in May 2018.

Prosecuting Counsel Dean Kelly told the jurors 18-year-old Cameron Reilly died in a field in the middle of the town of Dunleer in the early hours of 26 May 2018.

His body was found in the field at around 8.15am in the morning by a man out walking his dog.

Mr Kelly said they would hear pathology evidence that Mr Reilly died from asphyxia and that the nature of his injuries was consistent with a chokehold or the application of a rough surface to the front of his neck.

He said the 18-year-old was choked to death or suffocated by a ligature of some kind.

The court heard Mr Reilly and Mr Connolly, who was just two weeks older, were part of a group of around 15 or 16 young people who had been socialising in the field beside the Glen Dimplex factory in Dunleer on the evening and night of 25 May 2018.

It was an evening, Mr Kelly said, that should have been noteworthy only for its absolute banality.

Mr Reilly had a bottle of vodka while Mr Connolly had brought some beer.

Mr Reilly, who lived with his grandparents in Dunleer, had left his house before 4pm that evening.

At around midnight, Mr Kelly said, some of the young people headed to the local chipper.

He said both Mr Reilly and Mr Connolly went back down to the field afterwards.

He said it was the prosecution case that between 12.40am and 1.40am, Mr Connolly murdered Cameron Reilly.

He said the prosecution alleged that Mr Connolly left Mr Reilly in the field and made his way back to his home outside the town, on foot, arriving back at around 2.30am.

Mr Kelly told the jurors there was no doubt that Mr Reilly had died violently in the early hours of 26 May.

He said it was up to them to establish if it was Mr Connolly who had killed him.

He said Mr Reilly and the person who killed him were the only two people who would know precisely what took place between them and he asked the jury not to speculate.

The trial is expected to last at least two weeks.