A 60-year-old man who threatened two officers from the Criminal Assets Bureau has been jailed for a year at Wexford Circuit Court.

Andrew Moorehouse, from Drumgoold Villas in Enniscorthy in Co Wexford, admitted threatening the officers during phone calls in 2019.

He told one he would shoot her and the other that he would "die roaring".

Moorehouse was targeted as part of a CAB operation into a criminal gang in the southeast of the country and had been served with a tax bill of over €210,000.

The Criminal Assets Bureau has been investigating the assets of a criminal gang in the southeast since 2016 and as part of that investigation they served the tax bill on the proceeds of crime to Moorehouse.

Only €12,000 had been paid when a Revenue officer rang Moorehouse in May 2019.

He threatened that the next time she and her colleagues came to his home he would get a gun and shoot them.

The following month, CAB officers raided Moorehouse's home and seized trailers, cars, and a mobile phone.

A month later, Moorehouse rang a detective sergeant in CAB in Dublin and told him "you will die roaring" and made further threats against the female CAB Revenue officer.

Today, Judge Cormac Quinn sentenced Moorehouse to two years in prison on each of the two charges and suspended the final year.

His defence counsel said Moorehouse was a married man, a father and grandfather with limited schooling. He apologised for his behaviour and counsel said no firearm was found.

It was further suggested that Moorehouse might have been under the influence of alcohol and that the call to the Revenue officer occurred shortly after the death of his sister.