A seven-year-old boy has been awarded a settlement of €3.6 million for the next five years over the circumstances of his birth at Cork University Maternity Hospital.

Iarlaith Ó Cinnéide has cerebral palsy as a result of being deprived of oxygen during his birth in April 2012.

The court heard that during Iarlaith's birth a foetal heart monitor was monitoring his mother's heart and not his own and ominous readings were not picked up.

His lawyers said if a consultant had been called and there had been earlier intervention, he would not have suffered the injury.

The hospital admitted liability, after six years, but Iarlaith's parents said they had never received an apology.

His father Fiachra said today marked the end of a long struggle in getting justice for their son.

He said the money would help ensure Iarlaith's potential was maximised.

Iarlaith told reporters he was proud of his progress and he could now walk, talk, eat and dance.

Iarlaith's family said they wanted to thank his physiotherapist Vera Bohner-Martin.

They said they were told he would never walk but, Iarlaith could walk today because of her skill and care.

They also thanked his lawyers, Cantillons solicitors in Cork, for prosecuting the case and achieving the award for him.