The jury in the trial of two teenage boys for the murder of 14-year-old Ana Kriégel has gone home and will resume its deliberations in the morning.

The two boys deny murdering the schoolgirl at a derelict house in Lucan on 14 May last year. 

The first accused boy also denies aggravated sexual assault.

This morning, Mr Justice Paul McDermott recharged the eight men and four women on a number of matters.

He told them that evidence of intention to kill or cause serious injury could take many forms.

He said the prosecution case was that evidence of intent could be found in acts of preparation or bringing items such as the maps to the location. 

But the prosecution also alleged that evidence of intention could also be found in the very severe injuries inflicted on Ana Kriégel.

Planning was one aspect, the judge said, and forensic evidence was another significant aspect of it. 

He told them they should consider the realities in relation to these matters and apply their common sense in relation to the conclusions they reached beyond reasonable doubt.

The judge reminded the jury again that anything said by one accused about the other could not be used against the other boy, and this applied to anything one accused said to anyone else - a friend, teacher, parent or to gardaí.

The judge also re-read the evidence of former State pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy in relation to the injuries to Ana Kriégel's "private areas", saying he had been asked to do so both by the prosecution and lawyers for Boy A.

Earlier, the jury asked for a number of exhibits to be given to them.  

They included the tape found around Ana Kriégel's body, a wooden stick found near her body and a pair of black gloves found in a backpack taken from Boy A's home.

They also asked for the disc of CCTV footage compiled by gardaí.

The jurors will resume deliberating at 10am tomorrow.