The jury in the trial of two teenagers for the murder of 14-year-old Ana Kriégel has been sent home for the day and will resume deliberations in the morning.

The two boys deny murdering the schoolgirl at a derelict house in Lucan on 14 May last year. The first accused boy also denies aggravated sexual assault.

The judge outlined the legal principles to the jurors and summarised the evidence for them.

He told them they had a large amount of evidence to consider in an "unusual" case.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott said the circumstances of the case were upsetting and disquieting, but they had to be examined forensically and clinically.

He told them that if they consider it is reasonably possible the accused are innocent, and if they have a reasonable doubt, they must acquit.

Mr Justice McDemott told the eight men and four women they must consider each count separately and bring in unanimous verdicts of guilty or not guilty.