The father of one of the boys accused of the murder of Ana Kriégel has told the Central Criminal Court he knew his son was not capable of doing anything like that. 

The man, who is the father of the second accused boy in this case, said it was very difficult for his family to understand how this huge tragedy had happened and how somebody "could do those things to the poor girl". 

He said his son did not tell the "full truth" to gardaí about what happened at first because he was scared and shocked and was also afraid of the other accused boy.

The two teenagers deny murdering the 14-year-old schoolgirl at an abandoned house in Lucan in Dublin on 14 May last year.

The first accused boy also denies aggravated sexual assault.

The prosecution case is now closed and the jury will return to court on Thursday morning. 

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Boy B's father said gardaí had called to his home on the night of 14 May 2018 looking for Ana Kriégel, who was missing at the time. 

He said his wife was talking to the gardaí and Boy B was kind of hiding behind his mum. He said his son was not frightened but looked surprised. 

The next evening he agreed he had told his son that he should tell the gardaí everything he knew.  

He said his son told him that Boy A had asked him to bring Ana to the park because she had some kind of crush on the other boy and they had some kind of relationship to establish.  

He agreed he thought it was just young children talking.

He said he was surprised to hear that Boy A had been attacked in the park, in the middle of the day, without reason. He said as far as he knew it was a very peaceful park.

When he heard that Boy A had no wounds on his face, he said he was kind of suspicious of that. 

He said he went with his son and gardaí to the park the following day to establish when Boy B had last seen Ana.

He described his son as being "afraid of saying something". 

The following day, he said he learned Ana's body had been found in an abandoned house, when his wife rang him, crying hysterically. 

The man said he asked the boy about the house, but his son was not really chatty at that stage. Boy B told him he had been there the previous year.  

The man said it was very difficult for the family to understand how it had happened and how someone "could do those things to the poor girl".

He said the family could not personally believe it that the boys were somehow connected to the missing girl. 

He was trying to jog his son's memory and get him to remember every detail.  

He described his son as not reacting normally - he was not happy or chatty the man said, he knew he was trying to say something but he did not want to say anything to him.  

As a father, he said, he knew his son was not capable of doing anything like that. 

The man said his son did not like anything to do with fights or sports - he liked puzzles, Lego and Transformers.

He agreed his son also liked making bows and arrows and spears. He said he was happy he was doing something with his hands, rather than sitting in front of a computer. 

He said his son had told him a day or two before Ana went missing that he had given some blue builder's tape from his father's shed to Boy A few weeks previously. 

The man was furious as the tape was very expensive and he should not have given it to his friend without permission. 

He said it was only after his son had been arrested that he learned he had actually been in the abandoned house. He asked him why he did not tell the full story at the beginning. 

The man said his son said he could not believe it and also that he did not want to "share his truth" with him.  

The man said he was shocked and very angry, and the more angry he was, the less his son wanted to talk to him.

He said he also asked his son why he had not approached any adult. He said his son said he was afraid of Boy A, describing him as someone who had a lot of power and did martial arts.  

He also told his father that he was scared and shocked and did not know what to do. 

Under cross examination, by lawyers for his son, the man said his son had been one of the best students in the school in his last year of primary school but found secondary school more difficult.  

He described him as liking cartoons, playing with Pokemon cards and Lego.  

He did not want to get involved in sports even though his father had tried to take him to classes. He said he was very naive and immature. 

He had lost two smart phones so he had been given a simple "push button" phone so his parents could contact him, but he was always forgetting it.  

He said Boy B tended to believe everything his friends were saying.

Garda Joan Sheridan gave evidence of examining a number of devices as part of the garda investigation.

She said she had examined a school iPad from Boy A's home.

Two images - one showing a home-made mask and the other showing a person wearing the mask - were shown to the jury. She agreed these images had been created on 2 May 2018.

Two more images of a person wearing a mask with a lot of red around the mouth and pointed teeth were also discovered on an iPhone found in Boy A's bedroom.

She agreed these had been created in August 2017 and the phone had last been activated in February 2018.

Garda Sheridan said nothing of relevance had been found on a phone associated with Boy B, and she said she had downloaded an image from Ana Kriégel's phone showing Ana sitting on a chair in a sitting room.  

She agreed the schoolgirl was fully clothed, her feet appeared to be bound together, there was some kind of white bandage or bandana around her eyes and a black scarf covering the rest of her face.

There were up to four lengths of wide sellotape around her chest and the chair. Garda Sheridan agreed it appeared she was posing for a photograph.

This image appeared to have been created on 6 May 2018.

The garda said she had also examined a video of Ana walking through an abandoned house and talking to a person as she did so.

The video appeared to have been created on 14 February 2018.