One of the two boys accused of the murder of Ana Kriégel told gardaí he thought she was a weirdo and someone he should not be around. 

The jury is watching videos conducted by gardaí with the second accused boy, after his arrest on suspicion of the schoolgirl's murder. 

The two teenage boys deny murder and the first accused boy has also denied violently sexually assaulting the 14-year-old. 

The jury is now watching the second interview carried out by gardaí with the second accused boy on 24 May last year.  

He told them Ana Kriégel was much more mature than other girls.

He said she was taller and had developed much quicker.  

But he said she was not liked and was "outcasted" because she was different and weird.

He said he considered her to be a lonely, kind of sad person because she had been through depression quite a bit. 

He described her as being a goth. He said she dressed in all black and described her as usually wearing what he called "slutty" clothes.

Asked to explain, he said she wore "really short T-shirts" or shorts or really tight trousers.

He said she wore "the kind of stuff to make her breasts and hips stand out and looked like she wanted people to look at her by the clothes she was wearing." 

He said she was anti-social, she dyed her hair and wore "so much makeup".

Asked what he thought of her, personally, he said he thought of her as a weirdo and someone he should not be around.

The boy also told gardaí that he had fallen out with Boy A after "what happened with Ana". 

Boy B said he called for Ana because Boy A told him to. 

But he said Boy A had lied and gardaí had told him that Boy A had said he did not ask him to call for her.

The court also heard that he had last visited a place he called "the abandoned house" with Boy A at the end of the previous year.

He said they went inside exploring different rooms. It was really trashed – "a disaster piece".

They looked around for a little while and saw some "weird spray paints". One piece of graffiti was "a star associated with the devil", he said.