The Director of Public Prosecutions has lodged an appeal against the leniency of the jail sentence imposed on a Kerry farmer for the killing of another farmer with a piece of farm machinery last year.

Michael Ferris, 63, of Rattoo, Ballyduff in Co Kerry, was sentenced earlier this month to six years in prison, with the final year suspended, for the manslaughter of 73-year-old Anthony O'Mahony on 4 April 2017 in a row about a device used to scare crows.

Mr O'Mahony's family were angry and upset at the sentence imposed on Ferris.

He was jailed for five years earlier this month, with the sentence backdated to 4 April 2017.

Ferris told gardaí he "just snapped" that morning.

He said Mr O'Mahony had been using the "crow banger"-  a device that emits a loud noise to scare birds - on his lands for 30 years and had paid no heed when asked to stop.

He said he had to do something about it.

Ferris used his teleporter - a farm vehicle with prongs at the front of it - to block a narrow road and then drove the prongs into Mr O'Mahony's car.

In her sentencing, Ms Justice Carmel Stewart said the "unique" nature of the attack was truly gruesome and horrific and defied belief and imagination.

She said the effect it had on Mr O'Mahony's family was difficult to quantify.

The judge said the jury had found Ferris guilty of manslaughter by reason of provocation.

She said neighbours gave evidence during the trial of the stress and anguish they had been caused by the crow banger.

The judge said Ferris had no previous convictions and immediately accepted his responsibility for the killing.

She said she accepted the genuine nature of the apology he had offered last week.

She said she also had to take into account his age as he will be 64 in January.

The judge imposed a six-year sentence and suspended the final 12 months to allow for the prospect of rehabilitation.

The DPP has now lodged an appeal against the leniency of that sentence.