A body representing publicans has strongly criticised images that have emerged on social media of people drinking on the streets of Dublin city centre last night.

The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) said it "utterly condemns" the scenes, saying it is in no way acceptable and "completely jeopardises" public health.

It also said it fully supports measures being taken by gardaí to manage these issues.

In a statement, the LVA said while it believes most pubs and customers are following reopening guidelines, there have been similar scenes in Dublin city centre over the last few weekends.

It reminded pubs who are serving takeaway drinks of their responsibilities.

It said that garda advice is that takeaway drinks must be consumed more than 100 metres from the pub where it was sold and that gardaí have the power to confiscate alcohol being consumed on the road or in a public place.

The LVA also criticised the fact that people are drinking alcohol from off-licences on the streets of the capital, saying it presents "a terrible image of our city centre" and that it is "potentially extremely damaging to public health".

It also said it has a negative impact on the efforts being made by responsible businesses that are beginning the process of recovery.

Licensed premises reopened last Monday under Phase 3 of the roadmap to kickstart the economy.

At present, pubs are only allowed serve alcohol to customers who purchase a "substantial" meal costing at least €9.

Pubs who do not operate this restaurant-style service must remain closed until Phase 4 of the roadmap begins on 20 July.

Customers should only be on the premises for 105 minutes.

Health worker Laura Durcan, who lives in Dublin city centre, shared her thoughts of last night's images.

She tweeted: "Town is horrendous tonight. Drunken crowds everywhere. No distancing.

"I am not the fun police, but I am really really worried about two weeks' time."

Former minister for health Simon Harris said: "C'mon everyone. We've come too far to go back.

"Great to see our economy reopened & social life resuming but let's keep using our cop on and common sense.

"We owe it to each other, to those families who have lost loved ones, to the local business we want to keep open and to our kids."