A shorter working week and more annual leave days are among the proposals launched by People Before Profit today.

In its "Charter of Workers Rights", the party also wants a living wage of €15 an hour, mandatory sick and maternity pay on the full rate, union recognition for all workers and a right to strike.

People Before Profit launched its policy at the James Connolly Memorial Statue in Dublin, saying the location was chosen because 'the renowned socialist stood for the rights and advancement of working people". 

Bríd Smith said while "the average holidays per year in Europe is 34 days, in Ireland it's 28 and we want to see increased holidays and increased public holidays".

The party also wants a reduction in the working week, saying Irish workers work in excess of EU average hours. 

The Charter states that France has a 35 hour week and Finland is moving to a four day week.

"Our workers are the most productive of anywhere in the Western world with the highest levels of productivity, but they have the lowest share of the national economic cake," Richard Boyd Barrett said.

He said "we have one of the youngest populations anywhere in Europe and the plan of both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, I'm fearful, is to have us working longer than any other worker in Europe, before they are entitled to their pension and that doesn't add up".

"I think there is a historic shift happening in Irish politics away from the two party system of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael with a majority of people looking for an alternative," he added.

He said they hadn't quite decided what that alternative is. 

After outlining their Charter of Workers Rights, Bríd Smith entertained the gathered media singing a verse of "James Connolly".