The Social Democrats have launched the party's climate policy, promising a "Pay as you Save" national retrofitting programme and the establishment of a Just Transition Task Force.

The party's "Greener and Fairer" policy says the aim of the Social Democrats is to more than halve Ireland's carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

It says it will introduce a "pay as you save " retrofitting scheme, which would allow people to insulate their homes and pay the cost as they save on their energy bills.

Launching the policy in Mountjoy Square in Dublin, the party co-leader, Catherine Murphy, said public transport was the second area of priority for the party.

She said there needed to be a change in mindset, saying "it's about moving people around, not about moving cars".

The party would give greater priority to public transport in the National Development plan and reduce fares.

Its recycling proposals include Introducing new targets for the percentage of domestic households and businesses that have recycling bin and compost bin services and new targets to curtail food waste by supermarkets.

The Social Democrats say they would also impose a levy on plastics that could not be readily recycled.