Solidarity-People Before Party has launched a 'Planet Before Profit' climate action plan, saying its policies are "far-reaching and radical".

Among the proposals are free public transport, a pollution tax for airlines and a new green payment to compensate dairy farmers for reducing their herds.

SPBP proposes closing all coal and peat-fired power stations and retraining staff on full pay.

It also wants to create a State-owned renewable energy company to create 90% of Irish electricity from renewables by 2030.

It also promises to offer farmers €3,000  per annum for every hectare used for Co2 absorption.

Speaking at the launch of the policies this morning, Richard Boyd Barrett said " we have the best record for radical environmental and climate policies In the Dáil and I challenge anyone to disprove that".

He said a flight tax would generate €900m if applied to Irish aviation.

SPBP says public transport that is "free and frequent" would cost €1.5m annually, with 500 electric buses.

Mr Boyd Barrett said these costings are included In the pre-budget submissions and are not "dreamt up" for the election.

Ruth Coppinger said change does not come from going into a government with Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil.

She said their policies cannot be traded away in coalition talks with the two main parties.

Paul Murphy said " if people want to vote for climate action they should vote for the left, for Solidarity People Before Profit, not only because we have the policies and also we are saying clearly that we are not going it to coalition with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil"

Brid Smith said the proposals are "far reaching and radical which is what is needed to tackle climate change".