41% of dog owners would attend the workplace more often if they could bring their dogs according to a new survey.

The research by Dogs Trust Ireland shows that over two thirds of working professionals who own a dog feel uncomfortable leaving them at home to attend their workplace.

The charity says its study shows that dog-friendly workplaces could bring major benefits for companies at a time when attracting and retaining top talent can be a challenge for many employers.

The research found that nearly half of workers would view a potential employer more favourably for providing compassionate leave for the death of a pet dog.

It was also revealed that working dog owners spend an average of €813 per year on day-care and/or dog walkers due to attending their workplace.

Dogs Trust Ireland has released the findings as it launches its #DogsCantQuit campaign encouraging Irish businesses to adopt dog-friendly workplace polices and to show their support for the charity.

"Dog owners' professional and personal lives have become more closely intertwined, particularly following Covid lockdowns," said Dogs Trust Ireland’s Head of Development, Johann Fox.

"In a time when talent acquisition and retention is a major challenge for businesses, the research very much suggests that recognition of dogs as one of the major facets of a working professional’s personal life should prove to reap rewards," Mr Fox said.

In February, Dogs Trust Ireland received its highest ever monthly number of surrender requests totalling 371 calls and emails in 28 days.