Yonder, an Irish start-up that offers an online platform and app for health insurance and retirement benefits, has announced a new partnership with Irish Life.

The deal will see Yonder offering Irish Life health insurance and pension products to its clients.

Irish Life will benefit from an additional digital channel to attract small and scaling companies.

"We're excited to be working with Irish Life as a launch provider in Ireland," said Luke Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO of Yonder.

"The strength of our health and pension products places us in an exceptional position when it comes to our benefits offering, and we’ve already seen that as a reaction from our early members in Ireland," Mr Mackey said.

Last year, Yonder announced a pre-seed funding round of €2.6 million which will be used to develop technologies and expand into other regions.

Irish Life said it was excited about working with the company.

"Yonder provides an impressive digital solution for companies looking to offer key employee benefits like health insurance and pensions to small or remote teams in a world where user experience and ease of reconciliation is key," said Damian Fadden from Irish Life.