Irish-founded software firm Intercom has launched new features using the same technology behind ChatGPT.

'Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer' is an internet chat bot powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

It was launched by OpenAI in November 2022 and quickly went viral over its ability to deliver fast, detailed responses to a variety of questions.

The technology works by learning from vast amounts of data to provide answers to queries in a human-like manner.

It generates responses like a search engine and can also solve mathematical problems as well as write essays, stories and scripts.

Some universities and schools have expressed concerns about students using the technology to complete academic assignments.

Intercom says it has built one of the first practical and immediate applications of the technology for the customer service industry.

A new composer will allow customer support agents to write shorthand customer responses and then let the AI generate a complete suggested message.

Agents can also automatically change the tone of the message to more casual and happy or more formal with the click of a button.

The technology will also allow users to view AI-generated summaries of customer conversations and AI-generated articles.

"We believe the advances made in Large Language Models (LLM), spearheaded by OpenAI and that have manifested in ChatGPT, will be the most significant change the customer service industry has experienced in decades," said Des Traynor, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Intercom.

"It's a massive step towards a world where customer service is automation-first, a future we've been working towards for a few years," Mr Traynor said.