New geo-blocking rules come into effect within the European Union from today which will make it easier for people to shop online. 

Online shoppers have found that they are blocked from making a purchase online if the website is based in another country. Denial of access to goods and services online because of your location is called geo-blocking.

From today, an online shopper will no longer be redirected to an Irish website, and will be able to make the purchase from websites in other countries.

Geo-blocking is not the only form of online discrimination covered by the rules. Not accepting credit cards from other EU countries and not being able to register on a website based on where you live will also come to an end. The legislation applies to a wide range of goods and services, such as online services like web domain hosting and entertainment tickets for concerts. 

The European Consumer Centre Ireland has welcomed the new geo-blocking rules, which apply from today, as a great step forward for consumer protection as online traders can no longer unjustly discriminate against consumers trying to access goods and services within the European Union based on nationality or place of residence.