Get the Shifts is a tech company that provides temporary staff for bars, restaurants and other hospitality events.

The company recruits and trains staff, who are available to businesses as they need them on the Get the Shifts app.

The business, based in Shannon, County Clare, is the brainchild of Hannah Wrixon. She said the hospitality sector was ripe for disruption particularly recruitment. "I was in the industry, I could see it. I knew it needed to be disrupted and that's what we are doing."

The people who work for Get the Shifts are people who are already in the industry and want additional hours, or those looking to break into the industry, students, stay-at-home parents. "Anyone who is looking for a role with low commitment level and who wants to have a very flexible approach to their work," Ms Wrixon said.

The company has developed a web-based and mobile app where clients can browse and book staff. The app features pictures, biographies and experience of staff. It is like Tinder for employers and staff, she said, "but cleaner!".

Each person is called a 'Superstar' on Get the Shifts because they have gone through a rigourous recruitment process. "We feel they deserve the title superstar after it, and I do feel praise and recognition is very important," she said. "Everyone on our books is a 'Superstar'."

Get the Shifts does not roster anybody to any shift. "We put out all the shifts and they can come back, and say 'Yes I'm available' or 'No, I'm not', so it's a very beneficial relationship for both sides for clients and for superstars. Our superstars are working around their lives, their studies, their families, whatever suits them."

Ireland is reaching near full employment but finding staff has not been a challenge for Get the Shifts. "We are changing the hospitality industry one shift at a time, so people take a shift when and where they need it."

Business clients include bars, restaurants, catering companies, stadiums, festival and event organisers. They expect to be busy in December with Christmas parties.

Get the Shifts plans to recruit 700 people over the next 12 months, and after that, "world domination".