The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has rejected a complaint relating to the use of an Elvis Presley song during a Prime Time tribute to the late David Trimble.

The complainant said he believed the inclusion of the song 'Trouble' during the tribute was offensive and that a more appropriate song could have been chosen.

However, RTÉ stated that research had shown that Mr Trimble was a fan of Elvis Presley and that the song in question came from his favourite film King Creole and had been used to reflect his wide range of interests.

The Executive Complaints Forum rejected the complaint, stating that although the broadcaster may have chosen a more appropriate Elvis song to accompany the footage in question, the broadcast did not infringe the relevant provisions of the Broadcasting Act or the Code of Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality or the Code of Programme Standards.

Two other complaints were rejected by the BAI's compliance committee and three by the executive complaints forum.

Full details of the complaints and the decisions can be found on the BAI website.