A recovering gambling addict has welcomed the measures announced by the Government saying Ireland has been seen as "the wild west of gambling" for a long time with little or no regulation.

This morning the Cabinet approved legislation that will prohibit gambling advertising between 5.30am and 9pm.

A new Gambling Regulator Authority will enforce new advertising and sponsorship rules across all media and will overhaul the licensing laws for the gambling industry.

The new laws also include a ban on betting with credit cards and prohibiting the placing of ATMs in certain areas.

"It's brilliant to see, I think the Government have gone down the road of harm prevention, not just laying the responsibility on the person who's gambling," Eoin Coyne said.

He described it as the "first step in the right direction".

Mr Coyne from Youghal, Co Cork began gambling when he was 14.

The father of two said he would go to the local greyhound track or get people to place bets for him in the bookies.

"Culturally it was so normalised that I didn't see that it was something that was illegal for a 14-year-old to be doing," he said.

The 33-year-old said his gambling spiralled over the next ten years.

"I would lose a week's wages a couple of hours after getting a full pay packet".

Mr Coyne said he would bet on sports - soccer, GAA, rugby, horses and dogs - and loved the atmosphere which, he said, allowed him to "just zone out".

"I went through phases of losing all of my money, money I borrowed from friends, burning through that and going to the next person for a hand out," he said.

"I was absolutely exhausted from doing that," he added.

Mr Coyne said: "My head was completely fried, I couldn't understand for a long time that I had an addiction."

He finally confided in a girlfriend while living in London and sought help.

Mr Coyne has not gambled since January 2014.